Ankle Foot Orthotics – AFOs

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An AFO (Ankle Foot Orthotic) is a special brace that is designed to help control the motion of the ankle joint and also to provide support to the foot. They can be custom made, or prefabricated.

A functional AFO should provide superb control to the foot and ankle while offering greater comfort and easier shoe fit than other braces.

Carbon fibre

A Carbon Fibre AFO is material that is used to give greater strength. Some AFO’s are entirely made out of this material and are strong as well as flexible.
Carbon fibre can also be included as material when producing other orthotics.

Ankle unilateral

An ankle unilateral AFO is designed to be one sided. This may be applied on the medial or lateral side of one foot and provides greater control and support for that side.

Night splint

A night splint is an AFO which is used at night, where it is necessary to hold and support the foot in a neutral position. Night splints can be used in the evening to improve calf muscle flexibility. They can also be used during sleep to prevent night time contracture of the calf muscle to ensure that the first steps taken each morning are not so painful.

They are also useful to hold the foot in the correct position for those confined to bed rest for care. This reduces risk of deformity.

Foot drop lift

A foot drop lift is an AFO used by patients with ‘dropped foot’. This prevents the foot from dragging and clawing as they walk. It stops the foot dropping and works to lift the foot to improve walking.

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