Ground Reaction Ankle Foot Orthoses

This is also the principle function of the “Blue Rocker” GRAFO, which we can also provide if required. These GRAFO utilises ground contact to stabilise the knee as well as being able to address foot drop. The GRAFO provides stability for the foot with some varus or valgus deformity as well. They are more controlling and restrictive compared to the AFOs. We have a fitting stock available to your to try on during the assessment to evaluate their suitability.


Shoe fit:

Contra indication:

Not suitable for very strong varus or valgus deformity and for sensitive skin such as an insensate foot (Diabetic foot), unless significant padding is provided. In the latter case a shoe fitting with extra depth, width and length or custom made medical grade footwear may need to be considered.

The picture below shows 2 samples, one just the GRAFO and the other with the Velcro attachments required to attach the GRAFO to the leg.