Initial Consultation

The first appointment is a great opportunity to let us know what problems you have and how we might be able to help you.

What to expect at your first appointment

First consultations provide an opportunity to examine your feet in the context of your lifestyle. To help assess your condition thoroughly and provide the best possible solution, it is a good idea to bring to your first appointment:

At your first appointment a Shoetech practitioner will:

What to do

An appointment is needed to attend a Shoetech Clinic.

A fee is charged for all clinical services and is payable at the time of the consultation. Credit card facilities are available. Other acceptable forms of payment are by cheque or cash.

What to bring


(a) Relating to your foot problem
(b) Any X-Rays, scans of your feet, ankle, leg and hip
(c) Any reports on factors contributing to your foot problems such as back problems which limit the amount of footwear change


Studying current and past shoes can give important information to us about what works and what doesn’t work and why.

(a) Sample range of current footwear – most comfortable shoes, least comfortable, most worn shoes, special function shoes
(b) Sample of footwear type you are hoping you can receive – this may be a photograph from an advertisement or a borrowed shoe
(c) Any (and all) orthoses you have received

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