Kids Jumper

Start them on the right foot!

Are you concerned about your children’s feet?

Most babies are born with perfectly functioning feet. By the time they reach the teenage years some children will have developed a foot problem, largely due to ill fitting shoes or shoe styles offering little foot support.

Depending on the level and type of a child’s physical activity, poor foot performance can quickly develop into long-term complications in other parts of the body.

Keep kid’s feet on track with Kids Jumper.

Childhood is the ideal time to address concerns about growing feet. Give your kids a firm foundation and protect their feet against common foot problems; early attention is the key.

The Kids Jumper orthotic works by correcting muscular imbalances in a child’s body. Instead of providing functional substitution, as traditional orthoses do, the Kids Jumper encourages the senso-motor activity of the entire body. This allows the body to react effectively and optimises the performance of the muscles in the foot.

Every step with Kids Jumper encourages a co-ordinated motion cycle.

Developed by a team of musculoskeletal specialists and orthopaedic technique practitioners, the Kids Jumper orthotic encourages foot health and corrects potentially painful conditions from an early age. The Kids Jumper orthotic is prescribed and custom fit exclusively at Shoetech, specialists in relieving foot and ankle pain.