Leaf Spring

A leaf spring is an AFO which has a retaining spring effect enclosed. This provides stability for the foot in certain positions. It reduces foot drop.


Shoe fit:

Contra indication:

Not suitable for significant varus or valgus deformity and for sensitive skin such as an insensate foot (Diabetic foot), unless significant padding is provided. In the latter case a shoe fitting with extra depth, width and length or custom made medical grade footwear may need to be considered.
The sample below has additional elastic straps on the dorsal side of the foot.

The sample below has additional elastic straps on the dorsal side of the foot:

Here are 2 AFO with joints. The joints allow dorsal flexion while restricting plantar flexion to a selectable level. We can add dorsal assist joint for flaccid foot drop. This AFO can also be made with an additional foot orthoses for extra comfort or pressure relief It can also be combined with sensomotoric foot orthoses. The later in particular useful for neurological issues with involuntary muscle movements. Those AFOs can be made in different colors.

A carbon prefabricated AFO. Very useful for the active walker with a foot drop. 

Not suitable for strong varus or valgus instability. 

Takes minimal space in the footwear and feels like an active heel to toe walking action.

A standard AFO without a joint. These are available as prefabricated but can also be custom made. 

They are stiffer or less stiff depending on the variation and the shape of the plastic.