Sensomotoric® Orthoses

… (It’s a new concept)

Exclusive to the foot power clinic, sensomotoric® orthoses are orthotic devices which utilise the proprioceptive system in the body. This orthotic concept was first published by Lothar Jahrling in Germany. We utilised our association and co-operation with him in providing our expertise for your benefit.

They aim to improve the foot function, instead of functional substitution and can help by providing balance. They minimise the stress forces that can ultimately cause further pain or deformity in the feet.

The sensomotoric® theory has been described by Dr. W. Laube, MD, Sports Physician and elite athlete in a number of his books. It is well documented as a theory in rehabilitation, manual therapy and physiotherapy.

The body has various receptors which constantly check body position, muscle tone including movement. Sensomotoric® orthoses use those principles to improve foot function and to guide you to better movement pathways.

The theory behind sensomotoric® foot orthoses revolves around the natural response of the foot and body in relation to how the ground is felt by the feet.
The insoles are designed to alter how the foot ‘feels’ the ground in particular the timing of ground contact. The body has a preferred movement pattern whether it is the best pattern for you or not.

Body movement and functionality is not always perfect, in which bad habits can eventuate and become repetitive. In sport it is well accepted that you have a coach or trainer who points out the “wrong” movement techniques whilst teaching the correct ones.

You then have to learn the improved movement pathways and repeat them until they become your new movement pathways. Sensomotoric® orthoses are your personal trainer for your feet inside your shoes.

Recent research by Prof. B. Nigg, Calgary Canada suggests that foot orthoses:

The whole science behind the design is both exciting and revolutionary. It takes us in giant steps forward in the development of improved functional outcomes using orthoses.