Comprehensive Sports Shoe Assessment

The foot power clinic offers a unique and brand independent selection of the most suitable sports shoe for your particular foot. Using sophisticated computerised technology, your foot running and walking style, flexibility and other personal data will be assessed and a list of recommended shoe brands and models generated, that is specific to your foot and your individual requirements.

Gait Analysis

Gait Analysis is an important first step to assessing where your feet may need support. At the foot power clinic, a sophisticated computerised plantar pressure measurement system is employed to analyse your gait and help develop the optimum treatment plan.

Empiric Gait Analysis

Empiric gait analysis involves the foot power practitioner assessing your walking or running style. This is included in the basic consultation fee.

Computerised Gait Analysis

This form of analysis utilizes two cameras and a sophisticated software program which analyses your personal running/walking style, ultimately generating a detailed report.

Plantar Pressure Reading

Plantar pressure reading using sophisticated sensor technology. foot power evaluates the load your feet carry as well as the pressure applied to every part of your foot. This will initially be done in the foot power neutral sensor test shoe, but may be done inside your footwear with or without any orthoses.

Footwear Modifications

Footwear modifications for both standard and medical grade footwear are available at the foot power clinic. As well as offering advice on suitable brands and styles, foot power also provides a unique service augmenting regular shoes – aimed at consumers experiencing foot discomfort in their day-to-day footwear. This is a perfect solution for executives and business people providing a better fit and an increased level of comfort.


We repair and maintain or re-adjust all products we provide. We understand that the products we provide is an important assistive product to you. We try to rectify any problems as soon as possible. If there are faults in the material or in products we do not make but resell, we may have to send the products back to the material supplier to address those.