Sports Runner

Keep your body aligned

Hard regular training is a prerequisite for peak sporting performance; often exposing your body to extreme loads. Even something as gentle as walking can place loads of up to 250kg on your feet. In these conditions, a misalignment of your body can quickly flare into discomfort and injury to bones, tendons or ligaments.

Pain-free training with Sports Runner

Developed by physiotherapists and orthopaedical engineers, the innovative Sports Runner orthotic activates the endogenic nervous system, leads to the stabilisation of the whole chain of muscles and stimulates the body to “correct” movements. The secret: senso-motor activity instead of functional substitution.

Prevent against injuries and take your training to the next level. 

Sports Runner – like walking on air

Your Sports Runner orthotic is individually tailored to meet the specific needs of your body. This custom construction allows it to be effective at every phase of your running and walking action.

1. Step

The unique Sports Runner design enables your heel to take up the optimum position for every step you take. Excessive load is diminished through the use of impact absorbing materials.

2. Standing position

The Sports Runner’s contoured shape allows your body to achieve optimal balance and enhances muscle stabilisation throughout your body’s entire muscle chain.

3. Push-off

When pushing off to walk or run, Sports Runner provides cushioning to the forefoot, substantially reducing force and pain to your forefoot.
Walking will give you a floating sensation… you’ll feel as light as a feather.

Optimise your performance and stay injury free!

Tennis, walking, running, triathlon, cycling, football, netball, soccer, basketball, golf, etc.

No matter what your sport or your level of participation – amateur or professional, the innovative range of Shoetech custom orthotics, combined with our experienced team of fitting consultants, will ensure you enjoy injury free training and optimum performance.