Thin Type

Thin Type Foot Orthoses

Ever wanted your foot orthoses to suit your different styles of footwear? Thin Type Foot Orthoses may just be the right ones for you.

Suitable for conditions:

Shoe fit:

Most footwear including a more elegant style, up to a medium heel height.

Not suitable for the following condition:

These are thin type or Super Slim orthotics to fit into shoes and to some extent into sandals which specifically have minimal space. You can choose the colour of the lining material to suit your footwear. They are designed to help with common foot ailments, and to provide a broader choice of footwear. They can be full or short length depending on both taste and needs.

The thin type does not have a heel cup and as such can adjust to a variety of heel heights. They typically have a firmer plastic element supporting your foot in both medial and lateral arches including transverse.

A metatarsal dome as well as limited padding or posting can be added depending on your needs. They may not be suitable for severe foot conditions.