UCBL / Rigid Foot orthoses

The University of California Biomechanics Laboratory or UCBL foot orthoses are named after the laboratory where they were researched and developed.
UCBL orthoses are rigid with a deep shell like shape.


Shoe fit:

Contra indication:

Not suitable for sensitive feet.

The UCBL foot orthoses are used to stabilize a flexible foot deformity. In most cases that applies to a flexible flat foot.

The UCBL is different from other foot orthoses in that it has a deep heel cup and shell like construction which in turn holds the heel, or hind foot in a neutral vertical position. While correcting and holding the heel in a neutral position, the UCBL also controls the medial arch of the foot and the outside border of the forefoot. These three corrective forces keep the foot held in a neutral position.

It is very important that the foot must be flexible enough to be held in a neutral position comfortably. If the foot deformity is rigid the UCBL will be very uncomfortable if used in an attempt to correct the deformity. If the foot is rigid, the UCBL can be made to the shape of the foot and the goal is to prevent further deformity.

The UCBL is made out of a rigid material, usually plastic, that is moulded over a cast of the foot. The rigid material usually ends at the ball of the foot to allow a smooth roll though process.

These photos show a UCBL style orthoses with posting and soft padding cover:

These photos show a lower shell rigid foot orthoses with posting, soft padding and full length kangaroo leather cover: