What to Expect

The foot power clinic specialises in tailored and innovative solutions. There are some unique solutions on offer, and foot power practitioners think “outside the square” when it comes to providing remedies to patients experiencing pain and discomfort. Contact the clinic to arrange your first appointment.
Home visits available to clients in which circumstances make it difficult to visit the foot power clinic.
To find out about costs associated with home visits, visit the foot power FAQ.

What to expect at your first appointment

First consultations provide an opportunity to examine your feet in the context of your lifestyle. To help assess your condition thoroughly and provide the best possible solution, it is a good idea to bring to your first appointment:

  • Samples of your current worn footwear
  • Any doctor’s referrals, reports, scans or x-rays relating to your feet, ankle, leg or hips
  • Any orthoses you may have previously been prescribed, or have worn
  • A list of questions or issues you would particularly like to cover
At your first appointment a foot power practitioner will:
  • Ask you about your lifestyle and types of activities you undertake, to get an understanding of your particular needs and preferences
  • Perform a range of assessments designed to analyse your individual requirements, including an emphiric gait analysis
  • Ask about past problems with your feet or related pain
  • Provide advice, options and expert recommendation as to the best solutions for your particular condition
  • Discuss funding options that may be available to you